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maintenance packages*

Check-up or Plant Sitting:

This is for our clients who are hands-on and just need us to provide health check-ups, minor maintenance or fill-in while you are away.

Ongoing Maintenance

We will service your grow as often as you would like. We charge $75/visit and offer discounts when you schedule 3 or more maintenance visits per week.

Discounted monthly maintenance package include up to three visits weekly or twelve monthly trips:  $780.

Email us for pricing if you prefer more frequent or daily maintenance.

Harvesting: Harvesting is a process that requires us to be on site over a few days to hang, dry and then trim.  
Up to three plants:  $300

Up to six plants:  $500

Up to twelve plants:  $900

*Maintenance service calls are monthly billed in advance.  Prices include mileage and trip fees for clients in Inland Empire.  Additional trip fees may apply for clients outside of the Inland Empire.  Prices may be adjusted up or down depending on the size of your grow and equipment needs.

A grow will turn a harvest every three to four months.  For those three to four months, you must provide care and nutrients to reap the best harvest.  Our maintenance services allow you to reap the harvest even if you don't have the expertise or time to manage your own grow.  While there is a cost to have your grow maintained, you will no longer be paying high dispensary prices or high taxes.  A yield is dependent on a number of factors, including the quality/genetics of the seed/plant;  light;  temperature;  humidity; nutrients; ventilation; and care. A typical six-pot grow can yield as much as a pound or as little as a few ounces - the care and maintenance is critical.  View your maintenance services an investment!

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