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Why grow my own weed? 

There are many benefits to growing your own weed.  First, you have total control over the quality.  You know what nutrients or chemicals you are using, you know what you are smoking.  Another reason – it is a great hobby with a payoff at the end.  You will make investments in the beginning that will pay off in the end. 


Is it hard to grow your own?

Growing takes time and patience.  Your first grow may not produce the best weed, but if you continue at it, you will learn how to grow great weed.  And, this is why we are here to help you.  We want to make sure you grow a quality crop from the start, so just call us for help.  Our services practically pay for themselves when you harvest a good crop.


Can you set up a grow for anyone?

No.  Please note that various cities and counties have regulations about how many plants you can grow and if you can grow indoors only or outdoors.


How much does it cost for you to help me with my grow?

We can customize a solution for you based on your needs, interests and budget. Costs will vary depending on the type and size of grow you are looking for.

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